Let's go - get acquainted with the future profession!

With graduates of Krasnoyarsk Agrarian University we went on a familiarization tour to one of the production sites in Uzhursky district.

The children saw modern machinery working in the field during the sowing season, a repair shop where a sprayer with a working width of 36 meters was repaired, warehouses with seeds of various crops for sowing. And, of course, they had lunch in the canteen, where hospitality and tasty homemade dishes of cooks left no one indifferent.

The tour of the territory and fields was conducted by mechanic Dmitry Pashchenko, who graduated from KrasSAU a few years ago. All the guys will come back to us during the summer period for practical training in order to acquire professional skills and competencies in real production conditions.

For the second year in a row, children from the Uyarsk Agricultural College undergo practical training at the Agrofirm's production site in Sukhobuzimsky District. They manage to combine the practical tasks provided for internship students and perform a simple labor function under the guidance of experienced mentors. The advantage for the guys is getting a practical skill, employment and labor remuneration.

Uchumskaya Ltd. as a legal entity was organized in 2000.
The enterprise started its operations on previously uncultivated agricultural land.
Currently, the Agrofirm is one of the largest agricultural producers in the Krasnoyarsk region.

Our customers are large flour milling and livestock enterprises.
We are focused on long-term partnership cooperation.
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