Our company has been growing rapeseed since 2017, annually increasing its production volume, which is about 30,000 tons per year. In rapeseed production, we use seeds mainly of imported varieties: Miracle, Veeder, Belinda, Bilder, Geros. With quality characteristics such as:
from 45%
Oil content
up to 8%
up to 3%
Weed impurity
Other indicators in accordance with GOST 10583-76
All our products are monitored in the PRC. We have experience in annual exports, including under direct contracts (FEA).

Products are shipped from our own shipping point by grain wagons. We also have the ability to ship products in containers (packing in bags, big bags) and in boxcars.
Declaration of Conformity
This declaration guarantees high product quality and compliance with international and regional standards and requirements.
Declaration of rapeseed