Pea sales in PRC

In January 2024, we shipped peas grown in our fields to the People's Republic of China for the first time. We packed 7,000 50 kilogram bags and passed strict control by the regulatory authorities, where the key requirement for pea exports is the complete absence of weed impurities.

To increase the volume of sales in bags for different crops, we plan to purchase a modern bagging line and equipment for loading bags into containers. This method of shipment is becoming more and more relevant for agricultural producers and buyers.

Packing and shipment of agricultural crops is carried out by different methods: big-bag bags, liner-bag bags, gondola cars with liners, covered wagons for loading by bags or bulk.

Uchumskaya Ltd. as a legal entity was organized in 2000.
The enterprise started its operations on previously uncultivated agricultural land.
Currently, the Agrofirm is one of the largest agricultural producers in the Krasnoyarsk region.

Our customers are large flour milling and livestock enterprises.
We are focused on long-term partnership cooperation.
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