Quality control at all stages

In April of the current year in order to control the quality of shipment of seed potatoes of Vega and Carmen varieties representatives of Agrofirma visited farms in Arkhangelsk and Moscow regions, which are producers of potato seeds of higher categories.

 In their own potato laboratories specialists are engaged in multiplication of potato varieties from test tubes, which is supplied to almost all regions of Russia.

Potato variety "Vega" (medium maturing variety, maturity ~90 days)

Potato variety "Carmen" (early variety, maturity ~65-70 days)

Uchumskaya Ltd. as a legal entity was organized in 2000.
The enterprise started its operations on previously uncultivated agricultural land.
Currently, the Agrofirm is one of the largest agricultural producers in the Krasnoyarsk region.

Our customers are large flour milling and livestock enterprises.
We are focused on long-term partnership cooperation.
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